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About Amber

author-shotFive books, 15 languages, 60 000 copies sold worldwide.

Amber Hatch is a writer, editor and childminder, with a passion for wellbeing and meaningful connection.

My story:

When I was a teenager I knew two things: I wanted to be a mother, and a writer. Both motherhood and writing would be my way to find a place and purpose in an uncertain world.

I moved fast, and by the time I was 24 I was completing an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa and pregnant with my first child. But being a parent and writing at the same time was hard work. Writing took a back seat as I focussed my energies on parenthood and getting more involved in my local community.

Becoming a parent was such a seismic shift that I began to reevaluate all my previous notions about myself and the way I interacted with the world…

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Writing and editing

Amber Hatch Manuscript Assessment

Do you have a story you need to tell? Or a manuscript you are hoping to get published? A lot of people feel they “have a book inside them”. Yet how many of those get started, finished, or even published?

I’ve published five books with major international publishers. I’ve sold over 50 000 copies and my work has been recorded for audio and translated into 15 languages.

Whether its fiction or non-fiction, I know what makes writing work and I can help you get your story off the ground or bring it to completion. Writing a book is hard work. As well as creative flair, it takes determination and perseverance. Almost all writers encounter problems and blockages at times during their writing. Support and thoughtful feedback can help you work through them. Rather than preventing you from continuing, obstacles become opportunities to make your writing stronger.

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