Like listening?

I’m very excited to announce that after a bidding war – the audiobook giant Audible has won the rights to record Mindfulness for Parents. It will be available for download soon – I will update as soon as it becomes available.


I’m interested to know – do you prefer reading or listening, and why?

3 Meditation Practices for Children

My daughter goes to a Woodcraft Folk group, (think brownies + social activism). On Monday I was asked to lead the session. The theme was Peace – and it was suggested I do a meditation to help find “peace in ourselves”.

I’ve got to admit – I wasn’t too hopeful about how this would go. I broke the news to my 8 year old daughter. “Oh no, this is going to be SOOOO boring. Do you have to?” She is highly sceptical about meditation – especially if I have anything to do with it. I was concerned that the other children might be of similar mind, and I set off crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t be shouting instructions to find peace across twenty wild 6-9 year olds running amok.

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Mindfulness for Childbirth and Parenting with Nancy Bardacke

(Picture drawn by my husband Alex Ogg in my last week of pregnancy)

Last July I ventured to Bangor University in the furthest corner of Wales to attend a workshop run by pioneering midwife Nancy Bardacke. Nancy is the author of Mindful Birthing and devised the 9 week Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting course (MBCP) which teaches parents-to-be how to use mindfulness as a resource in pregnancy and childbirth.

Virtually all of the 30 or so attendees were midwives, health professionals or meditation teachers – I was one of only two pregnant mothers there.

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