Nappy Free Baby – Looking for a guide book?

“Nappy Free Baby is positive, easy to read, and makes freedom from nappies obvious, simple and doable.” (Gill Rapley, author of Baby-led Weaning)

“I am definitely going to use this with my next baby” (Dr Alice Roberts, Presenter, Costing the Earth, BBC Radio 4)


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After running BLPT workshops since 2008, helping hundreds of families in real-life and on-line, potty training children at various ages as a childminder, and from seeing my own two children through BLPT from start to finish, I felt that I had enough material to write a book.

So I did. Published by Vermilion (an imprint of Penguin Random House), Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth was published in June 2015.

BLPT is officially mainstream!

Do I need to buy it?

DSC_0234Of course you don’t! Just like I did, you can work out how to do BLPT through trial and error, and from talking to like-minded parents online and maybe even in your neighbourhood. But if you ever feel unsure, or confused or isolated – or wonder if you could be doing it differently, whatever stage you are at in your BLPT journey, then my book may be for you. Or, perhaps you are just interested in the cultural and historical context of potty training. Maybe you want to understand more about the biology of potty training, and what you can expect at different ages – and how to adapt! Perhaps you’d like ideas about how to take BLPT to the next stage, how to manage childcare, or comments from your mother-in-law. Nappy Free Baby is just the job.

DSC_0233It’s a comprehensive, practical guide to every conceivable aspect of BLPT, from history, to clothing, to potties, to nappies and nights, from starting out to finishing up. I cover the whole lot.

Buy now from Amazon, or your local bookshop.

What people are saying about Nappy Free Baby:

Easy to follow practical guide to reading your baby and getting them to use the toilet from birth. I started reading this after my daughter had gone to bed and thought I would give it a try the next day. The next morning she did her first wee and poo on the potty. She was three months old!” (Charlotte Jessop, amazon reviewer)

I like the way the book is really relaxed and encourages you to try helping them go to the toilet without saying you have to do it all the time, or that you must use particular kinds of nappies.” (Berthabertha, amazon reviewer)

This well laid out guide not only shows that early pottying is a flexible technique which offers instant benefits no matter your level of commitment to it, but also offers some very useful reflections on approaches to parenting in general. A genuinely enjoyable read which rejects any sort of fundamentalism and puts the emphasis on doing what’s right for your particular family. Having started at 8 weeks, we can’t imagine doing anything different now – it just makes perfect sense and this book shows you why.” (Thereses mate, amazon reviewer)

Informative, well-researched, and compassionate towards both parents and their children. I found the book well written and enjoyed some of the lightheartedness within, as well as the many useful tips and ideas on how to best tailor Baby Led Potty Training to my own needs. Thank you Ms. Hatch for a very useful guide which makes me feel connected to a wider community of parents and carers, especially on those more challenging days!” (Beatrice, amazon reviewer)

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